BeerApp is a small webbased application to manage beers and review them.

BeerApp is only available in Dutch and English.


Getting the sources

BeerApp has not been officially released yet.
However, you can already try the latest development version available from svn.
To do so, you could issue the following command:

svn co beerapp


Please follow these steps to install BeerApp on your machine:

  1. Create new MySQL database.
  2. Create the required tables using this script.
  3. Edit the database name, hostname, username and password in the /src/config/config.php file.
  4. Create a user in the table 'user'. Please note that the password should be sha1 encrypted.
  5. Create one or more countries in the 'country' table as desired.
  6. Place the source files in a directory on your webserver.
  7. Configure your webserver appropriately.
  8. That's all, you are now ready to start using the application.


If you discover any bugs or shortcomings in BeerApp, please create a new ticket using our issue tracker.


If you have questions or suggestions of any kind, please refer to our mailing list.